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Randall James Proven


It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our beloved Randy Proven at the age of 65 on November 29, 2018.

Randy leaves to cherish his memory and mourn his passing his three children and nine grandchildren: Gena Proven and her family Ashley, Vicky (Eric), Kyla (Jake) and Brooklynn; Evan Proven (Phoebe) and their family Oliver, Molly, Lucille and Alice; and Ayma Proven and her son Taner. He will be dearly missed by his partner Adina Lyon, her daughter Jan (Martin) and their children Linnea, Isla and Clare, his mother Isabella Proven and brothers Garry (Rita), Dave (Jessie), Rick (Amy) and Doug (Cindy). Randy will be fondly remembered by Gena’s mom, Sharon Epp and Evan and Ayma’s mom, Marion Pringle, along with numerous nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Randy was predeceased by his father Harold Proven.

Randy was born in Gainsborough, Saskatchewan on March 9, 1953 to Harold and Isabella Proven, the third of their five boys. He loved growing up on the farm having adventures with his brothers, being part of a large, loving family. After high school Randy took welding and electrical trades courses but ultimately ended up joining his Dad in carpentry, which became his life’s work. Randy was always working towards a better world for the next generation. His passion for sustainable development, responsible resource management, and a fair voting system (proportional representation) were evident to anyone who spent any time in his presence and he never missed an opportunity to teach people about what he saw as a “no brainer”. He was a longtime member of the National Farmers Union and campaigned to “Keep the Crow”. He supported Tools for Peace, super insulated construction, as well as many environmental and progressive organizations. Randy was a founding member of Sun Certified Builders Co-operative, another avenue through which he could help the next generation.

Randy was a pioneer in the energy efficient building industry. After learning about a high performance house built in Saskatchewan in the late 70s, Randy started working out how to build a better home. He built HRVs from plywood and chloroplast and experimented with different combinations of insulation and wall design. Randy was a licensed R2000 builder and won the Technical Merit Award in 1999 for his attention to detail. He was always open to new ideas and when he learned about the Passive House building method he embraced it as the highest performance method available. Randy’s current project was a Passive House designed infill in South Osborne. He was hoping to complete the project and finally get to live in a high performance home of his own but was often sidetracked by using the house as a show home to educate potential customers and other industry partners. Randy leaves a legacy of high performance homes across Manitoba through both design and construction. He was a master builder and had an incredible skill for fine detailed carpentry.

Randy would do anything for his three kids and later, his grandkids.  His love for them and his pride in them knew no bounds.  Whether helping his son Evan build his house, refinishing his daughter Ayma’s house to a super insulated character home, or troubleshooting a roof issue on Gena’s house, Randy was always willing to help.  He would drop whatever he was doing and head over to fix something or build something or just for cuddles and stories with his grandchildren. Randy was happy when Evan married Phoebe and brought Molly, and Oliver into his life for grandfathering. Being a grandfather for Randy was a verb. It is an action and he showed his love by doing things for them. He loved playing with his grandkids, taking them sailing, or getting them to help in the garden. Randy enjoyed introducing Taner to building and electrical as part of the family trade. He was happiest when helping his daughters fix their solar systems, tear down a garage, or build a shed.

Randy was always working and rarely took time off, but worked fun into every day. Working with Randy always involved stories and conversations about how to make things better. Randy and Adina met at an activist event and together worked to strengthen their community and make a better future for their grandchildren. Everyone was so excited when they headed to Newfoundland for a vacation in 2016. Randy loved his trip with Adina and being in the outdoors although they said they wouldn’t take the tent next time.

Knowing Randy made you want to make the world a better place. Deeply loved. Always remembered and missed.

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