Sun Certified Builders Coop is the first multi-stakeholder worker cooperative in Manitoba. We offer two levels of membership:

The builder member is an employee of the coop that receives an hourly wage, can serve as a board member or fill the role of treasurer, secretary, vice president, or president, and is paid a dividend based on the members hours contributed during the fiscal year. Our by-laws require that 50% of profits after expenses shall be paid back to builder members. The remaining 50% shall stay with the cooperative to cover operational costs until such time as a member quits, retires, or is let go, in which case the members remaining share is paid out. Sun Certified requires a one year probationary period for all potential builder members. A builder membership is $1000.

The supporting member may fill one position on the board of directors reserved for that membership. A supporting member may attend all board meeting and influence the business through participation in board decisions and activities. A supporting membership is $50.

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