We build residential and commercial buildings that meet measurable energy standards. We use Energy Modeling to guide us to High-Performance and Net Zero ready buildings that are economical and environmentally sustainable.

Sun Certified Builders Co-operative Ltd. is a multi stakeholder co-operative offering both worker and supporting shares. We are dedicated to building certified energy efficient buildings in Manitoba. Our members have experience in building construction areas such as:

  • Energy Modelling
  • Building Design
  • Building Systems Consulting
  • New Construction
  • Fine Mill Working
  • Home Renovations
  • Residential / Commercial Energy Efficiency Retrofits.

We believe that simple solutions beat techno-fixes. Air Sealing and Insulation are the first tools we apply to reduce building energy consumption and provide our customers with healthy, comfortable buildings.

Sunlight is free and Solar Systems have become economical so we use them as a source of Renewable Energy to supplement good building design.

Sun Certified Builders Co-op is currently looking for new members. See our recruitment page for more info.