Air Seal and Building Energy Consultants

We have a lot of experience with building problems caused by moisture damage in attics, walls and foundations. We specialize in finding the root cause of these issues and offering advice on what needs to be done to correct it.

Making these repairs will almost always extend the life of the building, reduce energy consumption, make the space comfortable and increase the value of your asset. We will consult for you and we can also quote on the repairs as well. The first line of defense is to stop air and moisture from moving through your building envelop. After that is done then the amount of insulation can be addressed. If you can reduce the amount of calculated energy your building requires to heat and cool it then the equipment needed to do the job can be made much smaller.

Sun Certified Builders are:

  • Manitoba Hydro certified installers for the home insulation rebate program, and
  • R2000 licensed builders with experience constructing new certified R2000 homes.