Duvet House

This project is an example of an Enerphit style deep energy retrofit, which we call a Super Insulated Retrofit.

This project was affectionately named the "Duvet House" because it really is like wrapping the home in a "Duvet" to make it feel cozy."

Leaving the interior mostly intact, the exterior walls were stripped to framing and the roof is stripped to sheeting. Unconventional for North America, a 3/8" plywood vapour barrier is installed over the original framing after the 2x4 wall cavity has been re-insulated with a rock wool type product. The 3/8" plywood is sealed with no-VOC tape and adhesive specially designed for this application. After the vapour barrier is established massive amounts of insulation are added externally using 

Larson truss wall extensions and cellulose insulation. Similarly, two foot deep rafter extensions are added to accommodate an additional R85 worth of cellulose to the roof assembly. Metal roofing, high end fiberglass windows and doors, and low maintenance siding ensure that this home will not only be extremely energy efficient but also incredibly durable over the years. A high efficiency HRV is installed to control humidity and deliver fresh air to the occupants. The HRV is coupled with a sub-soil heat exchanger to temper cold air in the winter and provide cooling in the summer.  

Link to more information on this type of service, including a video showing this project under construction.