Knox United - Restroom Update

Knox United Church is currently revamping their building in order to make better use of their large auditorium. They hope to be able to use it as an arts centre and host concerts, plays, and other community events. This change required some renovations to the woman’s restroom, which was very outdated and in a very sad state.

Complete demolition, including the concrete floor slab, was required in order to access the original plumbing, which had been leaking both fresh and black water, creating an unpleasant odour around the bathroom area. We removed and replaced all the plumbing under the bathroom floor and poured a new concrete floor slab.

We closed in the two plumbing chases and added a built in cabinet in one of them for storage. We added 6’ of wall tile to the exterior walls and installed a baby changing station, new mirrors and wall mounted sinks, new toilets and stall partitions, and custom trim around the tile work.

All pipes and surfaces were painted and a new exhaust fan and exterior spigot were installed as well. 

The bathroom now has room for a nursing area and two stalls, one with wheelchair access.