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This isn't really "current" news but was presented at the 2018 Passive House Conference. This presentation is a reminder that Passive House doesn't require sustainable or carbon neutral building materials to be used meaning that a Certified Passive House building could still be bad for the environment.

Presentation here: /resources/pages/files/Footprint_Magwood.pdf

From their Website:

Endeavour Centre: At the Forefront of Green Building

Endeavour Sustainable Building School occupies a unique position in the green building world. We provide experiential education at the intersection of high-performance and natural building.

  • Experiential education – Our full-time programs and short workshops both offer valuable experiential education. Our students get their hands dirty and their minds engaged while learning from knowledgable practitioners on real world projects.
  • High performance building – The best in energy efficient design and construction, meeting or exceeding the highest standards in the industry.
  • Natural building – Using natural, non-toxic materials that are sourced locally and meet the highest ecological standards.


Added: Fri January 10th 2020