Where did R2000 go?

Back in 1999 my dad (Randy) won the Technical Builder of the Year award given out by the Manitoba Builders Association and R2000. R2000 was being run by Manitoba Hydro and had almost a dozen employees. These awards banquets and compliment of employees dwindled away over the years even as R2000 was revamping their program to bring it back to the leading edge of energy efficient standards. Last year I called hydro to get in touch with somebody from the R2000 program to get some information but was informed that Manitoba no longer has an R2000 representative. I was directed to the Department of Natural Resources who confirmed that there would no longer be any local support for R2000 in Manitoba. This means no more training either as we had been attending regular bi-annual courses to update us on the latest best practices and to keep our license current. What happened to all those employees? What happened to our training? Why, in this age of climate change and rising fuel costs would the governments, both federal and provincial, decide that the only national energy efficient housing program was not important enough to maintain at least one representative per province?

Evan Proven

Added: Wed December 17th 2014