Super Insulated Retrofits

If you have a home that you would like to stay in and need to do major repairs like roofing or windows consider doing it to EnerPHit standards. Complementary to the EnerPHit program is EuroPHit which delivers an optimal step-by-step order of operations to achieve high performance results. Each step is complimentary to the others and is designed so that we don't hinder future upgrades to the building.

Here is an example of a house we applied the "Deep energy Retrofit" approach to in one continuous project. The step-by-step approach allows for a deep energy retrofit to occur at a pace that may be more affordable to the owner, but that also takes into account the remaining useful lifetime of the various building assemblies. Obviously it doesnt make sense to remove your siding to add insulation if you still have many years of life left in that assembly. While "all at once" renovations take advantage of what EuroPHit calls the "synergistic effect", where site setup and project management as well as other overlapping costs reduce the overall project budget, the reality of financing such a project leave many homeowners with few options. Until we have similar Federal subsidies to those the oil and gas sector enjoy homeowners are left with the staged approach.

Many homes are being retrofitted in the centre of cities because of the advantages of the location. Also known as Deep Energy Retrofits these homes are being insulated from the basement to the roof. This option gets you a like new high performance home for less than the cost of a code built new home in the suburbs. With the number of Net Zero homes steadily increasing many experts are predicting an imminent shift in the real estate market making your investment in a Deep Energy Retrofit one that will payback on many fronts.